How Much Does It Cost To Build a Custom Home?

Custom homes are an industry that’s incredibly unique, and as a result, most people have little to no clue about the process that goes into the creation of a custom home. So, it’s not uncommon for people to ask the question: how much does it cost to build a custom home? We’ll give a quick, comprehensive answer to this question! 

One of the factors that affect custom homes just as much as traditional homes is geographic placement. Custom homes are still houses, and are not immune to property fluctuation between states. Curington Homes, located in sunny central Florida, is a reflection of that. The custom homes we build here at Curington, based on Contracts signed in 2022, ranges from $250,000 for smaller guest homes to over $1,000,000 with our average being right around $515,000. The price range varies depending on many factors such as size, architectural features, finishes, and more. 

When pricing out a custom home, you may be wanting a square foot price from us, but we wrote a whole other article on why price per sq ft shouldn’t matter. So go check that out if you’re curious. But to get straight to the point, the right question to ask is what the total cost is and what is included. If budget is a big driver in your custom home build, then we can modify the size, finishes, and architectural features to stay within your budget. 

One of the ways we help get you started on pricing your custom home is through our pre-packaged “Series”. You can start by picking a package that is close to your taste and modify as desired by doing more upgrades to your package or some downgrades to save some money. We currently have two Series to start with. 1500 & 2500 Series. If you’re interested in finding out more about what’s included in each of these Series, contact our team at 352-401-9707 or email sales@curington.com.

At Curington Homes, our Design + Build process ensures that we work with your budget to make the best home possible. Our project management team has almost 50 years of experience and can guarantee that every dollar you spend is used effectively!

The beauty of a custom home budget is that YOU are the one in charge of it! Custom homes cost what you want them to (mostly). You set your budgets and decide what parts of your projects are important for your new living situation. 

Check out our array of custom homes!

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