About Us

Curington Homes has become a leader in quality, craftsmanship, & value with over 48 years of experience in building homes.

Get to know Curington

The Beginning of a Legacy

Curington Homes LLC has always been a family construction business. For more than five generations, the Curington family has been practicing construction in the State of Florida. Thomas Curington, the founder of Curington Contracting, was born and raised in Miami, where he worked in construction with his father and grandfather. He later married Lillian, and together they had three sons: John, David, and Dan. In 1972, Thomas moved his family to the Marion County area and acquired his State Certified Class “A” General Contractor’s License.

As the business grew, John and Dan obtained their state licenses and subsequently established branch offices in West Palm Beach and Pensacola, Florida.

Our Team

John and Dan along with Tim Boutwell, General Manager of Curington’s residential division, have all been involved from start to finish as Project Managers for various construction projects. Their experience includes, among other things, consulting on all architectural work, structural engineering, truss engineering, mechanical engineering, consulting with county officials, utility companies, and building construction from beginning to end.

John is the Qualifying Agent for Curington Homes LLC. John oversees all financial aspects of the company, including accounting, purchasing, accounts payable as well as estimating. John is involved with oversight of all construction, including residential, commercial, and industrial. John also oversees the research and continues his education for new and existing construction methods.

Dan is the Qualifying Agent for Curington Contracting LLC, our commercial and industrial division. Dan oversees all construction, including the commercial and industrial, as well as the residential division. Dan’s responsibilities also include commercial and industrial sales and working directly with commercial and industrial customers. Dan oversees and works closely with our in-house drafting department designing commercial and industrial projects. Dan also continues his education for new and existing construction methods.

Tim is responsible for overseeing the everyday activities of each residential home, beginning with the planning stages: meeting with the potential buyer, pricing out the cost of the home, getting bids from the subcontractors, and helping with the contract process. Tim then oversees and works closely with our in-house drafting department to design each home, and manages each stage of the construction process to the very end.

Serving Ocala and Florida for Over 48 Years

Because of the spirited growth of North Central Florida in the late 1980’s, all three offices merged to create a single corporate entity located in Ocala, Florida.  With the continued development of Marion County and North Central Florida, Curington Homes has grown into one of Marion County’s leading design/build firms. We have experience in constructing single-family homes and commercial projects, including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, marinas, restaurants, medical offices, convenience stores, industrial facilities, and multi-family projects, to name a few. Curington is also rapidly becoming a major player in the landfill gas to electric construction industry as part of its industrial division.

We Stand by Our Family Values

Throughout the years, Curington has maintained the family values set forth by Thomas and the Curington family name. In 1993, Thomas went home to be with the Lord, but his legacy lives on. His sons, John and Dan, are now President and Vice President respectively; David is the General Manager of the industrial division. Curington Contracting strives to preserve the high standards established by its founder and has developed a trustworthy organization consisting of knowledgeable, hardworking employees who dedicate themselves to upholding those same high standards.

The name Curington has become synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, value, and integrity. We’d love to partner with you to design and build the home of your dreams.

Our Mission:

We endeavor to translate the dreams, needs, and desires of our customers into a home that fulfills those dreams, needs, and desires, and to conduct our business in a manner which is pleasing to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Goals:

Our goal is to balance quality craftmanship with cost-effectiveness while promoting fairness, integrity, and honesty. Our focus is to provide our customers with a product that exceeds their initial expectations and service that makes the process an enjoyable experience. It is not our desire to be the biggest construction company in the area, but we do strive to be the best.

Core Values:

We do our best to provide excellent customer service with integrity, quality, teamwork, proactive attitude, and concise communication so that our customers have an enjoyable experience throughout the entire process, and our team has a great work environment & culture.