Frequently Asked Questions

About Curington

Do the owners of Curington Homes work in the business? Yes, they are there full-time overseeing the operations and planning for the future of Curington. Is Curington Homes Licensed & Insured? Curington is licensed under a State Certified Building license. Curington maintains General Liability insurance that far exceeds the minimum requirement and in addition, Curington provides “Builders Risk Insurance” during construction, which covers the home. Also, all of our subcontractors are licensed and insured. How long has Curington been building in Florida? Curington has been in business in Marion County for 48 years.
Is Curington Homes current on all the new Building and Hurricane codes? Yes, and in addition to this, we at Curington go above and beyond building and hurricane codes in many aspects of our construction. (Please speak with a sales consultant for details.) Can I see the construction office? Yes, a sales consultant will be happy to give you a tour. We have many employees that you will normally never see, but their jobs are just as important as the ones that you will meet. Curington has a great team and we look forward to turning your dreams into reality.

The Building Process

Who will guide me through the building process of my new home? First, a Curington sales consultant will walk you through the contract process. Next, Curington’s residential assistant will help you select the colors and features of your new home as your plans are being drawn. Then, during the actual building process, Curington’s residential general manager will oversee the construction of your home and help you with any questions or needs that may arise. Can Curington Homes help me find a building lot or subdivision to put my new home on? Yes, Curington owns and/or builds in many different subdivisions. In addition to this, our sales consultants are also licensed real estate agents and are very knowledgeable about Marion County land, subdivisions, and lots. Do I need to hire an architect or engineer to design and draw my home? No, Curington has an in-house drafting team who will draw your home and have it reviewed by a licensed and certified engineer. What if I don’t have a floor plan but have special requirements? Can Curington Homes help design my dream home from start to finish? Yes, Curington has a staff of experienced designers/draftsmen who have designed countless custom homes over the years. Curington clients also have the benefit of having their own personal new home consultants who are happy to assist with your requests. What if I have my own custom plan, can Curington Homes give me a price to build it? Yes, Curington’s estimating department has many years of experience in estimating the cost of both custom homes and commercial projects. Will I have professional help when it comes to choosing items such as cabinets, lighting, tile, paint colors, and carpet? Yes, Curington has very talented color coordinators who will assist you in going over the floor plan room by room, helping you to put together a home that will reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Can I make changes to Curington Homes’ floor plans? YES, and we are more than happy to aid you with the changes you request to make a house become your home.
What if I need to make a change or want to upgrade something in my home after the contract has been signed? Curington is happy to provide a Change Order when requested by our valued customers. There may be costs associated with your Change Order depending on what your request entails and what stage your new home is at in the building process. Do I see the plans before Curington starts building my home? Yes, you will meet with a Curington customer service representative, the draftsperson who drew your plans, and your sales consultant for a customer plan review. Will someone meet me at my property to evaluate it before construction? Yes, a Curington representative will meet you at your home site to discuss laying out the home and answer any questions, even if you have not purchased your property yet. How long should I expect it to take to construct my home? Based upon the size and specifications included, on average Curington can complete your home in 4 to 8 months. Curington will do its best to complete your home in a timely manner and can provide you with a tentative schedule including when certain selections need to be completed. If I wanted to provide some of my own materials for my home, such as the appliances or light fixtures, how does Curington Homes handle this? If you decide to provide any of your own materials, Curington will credit you the difference on a change order. If I wanted to use a different subcontractor or supplier, for example, my cabinets, will Curington Homes work with a company they do not regularly use? Yes, Curington can work with a different subcontractor or supplier of your choosing. In addition, Curington will require the subcontractor to provide a copy of their license and be properly insured prior to their working on the job site.

Building Codes, Permits, & Financing

Can Curington Homes refer me to any lending institutions if I need to obtain a construction loan? Can Curington also recommend a title company if needed? Yes, Curington regularly works with a couple of different banks and title companies and can provide you with their contact information. What if we are building in a subdivision with covenant requirements and/or an Architectural Review Board (ARB)? Curington will obtain a copy of the covenant requirements for the subdivision and follow them throughout the building process. If an ARB is present, all needed documentation is submitted for their approval prior to building. What kind of warranty can I expect with a Curington home? Curington stands behind our homes with a 10-year structural warranty and a dedicated in-house warranty department ready to care for your home for the first year after completion.
Who acquires the various permits for my new home and keeps track of government requirements needed for my home during the building process? Curington is very experienced at walking through the permitting process, and we stay in constant communication with the appropriate government departments concerning codes and building requirements. Curington will also keep you informed of any changes that need to be made based on government codes and requirements. Throughout the building process, if I have additional questions regarding my contract and what is included with my home, is there someone who can meet with me to discuss further? Curington’s sales consultant is available throughout the building process and is available to meet with you to answer any more questions you may have.

Out of Town?

Can Curington Homes build my home in a different county other than Marion County? Yes, Curington not only builds in Marion County but can also build your home in most of the surrounding counties.
If I do not live in the area (out of state), can Curington assist me with scheduling any appointments needed during the construction of my home? Yes, Curington’s residential assistant can provide you with contact information and addresses for subcontractors or suppliers you may wish to visit.

Our Mission:

We endeavor to translate the dreams, needs, and desires of our customers into a building/facility that fulfills those dreams, needs, and desires, and to conduct our business in a manner that is pleasing to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Goals:

As Christian business owners, our goal is to balance Quality Workmanship with Cost Effectiveness while promoting Fairness, Integrity, and Honesty.  Our focus is to provide our customers with a product that exceeds their initial expectations and a service that makes the process an enjoyable experience.  It is not our desire to be the biggest construction company in the area, but it is our desire to be the best.

Core Values:

We do our best to provide excellent customer service with integrity, quality, teamwork, proactive attitude, and concise communication so that our customers have an enjoyable experience throughout the entire process, and our team has a great work environment & culture.