What Is A Country Style Home?

There are a lot of different styles of homes, and to the untrained eye, many styles can seem to be the same. However, there’s one style that we’ve all encountered but may not be able to put a name to the design–country style homes! What exactly makes a home “country style”? The answer isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. 

The country style is a broad compassing style of design and home construction that is loosely based on traditional farmhouse styles. There are a few features that define the style universally: muted colors, antique/distressed looks, simple yet fruitful decor and a traditional focus on natural themes. 

The color scheme of a country style home interior or exterior isn’t one set palette – but nevertheless it is recognizable. Country style homes usually utilize muted colors like grey, brown or creamy white. If they venture out into the primary or secondary color field, they usually contain much darker shades of quieter colors like blue, green, or red. Country home palettes are also incredibly inconsistent, with colors varying from room to room and rarely keeping consistency across a home. It wouldn’t be crazy to see muted green, dark blue, and brown all in one room

The decor of a country style home is the perfect paradox of being both restrained and unrestrained. The physical pieces of decor in a traditional country style home are usually small, muted things like plants, crates, or small figures made of wood or simple pottery. Things like simple glass vases with rope, brown lamps with old shades, and handmade baskets would not be uncommon in a traditional country style home. And while the individual pieces may be rather reserved, most country style homes are not shy to put additional decor pieces in any room. Wall plates? Sure. Baskets of fruit? Absolutely. Guest room night stands with pottery figures? Go for it! The more the merrier with country style home furnishings.

Nature is your friend when designing a country style home. Most country style homes reflect their natural surroundings, such as cabins and farmhouses. The use of small house plants is common, and wood-based design is incredibly typical. For homes that are more inspired by cabin designs, they’ll try to incorporate dark wood aesthetics or even rock formations for fireplaces, exterior design, or flooring! Bringing the outdoors inside is one of the defining features of a country style home.

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