Top 5 Places to Install Your Microwave

The microwave is one of the least attractive appliances of the bunch, so finding a place to install it that won’t make it the center of attention is ideal.

What’s your ideal place to install a microwave? The most common place you might see a microwave is above the range. While this works just fine, there are some good reasons to install it somewhere else.

Top 4 Reasons NOT to Install Your Microwave Above Your Range or Cooktop

  1. Not the most aesthetically pleasing – Most of us would agree that the microwave is one of the least attractive appliances of the bunch. So placing it at eye level and right in the middle of the kitchen means it’s generally the center of attention. 
  2. Not the safest option – Reaching over your head above a stove to grab a hot bowl of soup is not a great idea, especially if you’re also cooking something on the stovetop.⁠.. We don’t recommend that. This is even more dangerous for the elderly or children.
  3. Not the best ventilation – The over the range microwave must double as your primary ventilation for your range or cooktop. Microwaves aren’t the best at venting grease, smoke, and smells compared to dedicated range hoods.
  4. Not as much headroom – The bottom of the microwave is generally around 24” above the range or cooktop and limits the amount of room you have to work.

Top 5 Places TO Install A Microwave (Other Than Above Your Range)

  1. Built-In Drawer Microwave – This microwave is designed to be placed under your counter top or flush with your wall or cabinets. It features a pull-out style door that is often opened with the touch of a button.   While still visible, it is no longer the focal point of your kitchen. This style is becoming increasingly popular and can provide a sleek and modern touch to your home. 
  2. On an Open Shelf – Open shelving is quite popular in today’s kitchens. While it is a great place to display those beautiful dishes you got for your wedding, many people use the space to keep small appliances such as microwaves and stand mixers. 
  3. Hidden in a Cabinet – This is another great option where you can use a standard countertop microwave but hidden behind a cabinet door. It keeps it out of sight while you’re not using it and there are creative ways to do this. 
  4. In the Pantry – This is a popular place for a microwave as this makes it easy to reach (You can generally place at any height that works best for you), it gets it out of sight, and it’s affordable since, again, you can use a standard countertop microwave. Whether you have a small or large pantry, in most cases you can have your pantry designed to accommodate a microwave by simply installing a sturdy shelf and an electrical outlet. 
  5. Wall Oven/Microwave Combo – This is probably the only time we feel a microwave can be part of the center of attention in the kitchen design. It looks and feels like it belongs, and it’s really convenient when using regularly.

These are some of our recommended places to put a microwave in your home. What is your favorite option from above? Or is there another option we haven’t mentioned that you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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