Style of Home: Craftsman

It’s the picturesque and typical home we think of when we think of homes in TV shows and in popular culture. The Craftsman style is one of the oldest styles of home that is still popular today. And there’s a very good reason that craftsman style homes have remained popular to this day. Their nostalgic feel and honest style has made them one of the most recognizable and important home styles on the market!

One of the most notable features of a craftsman style house is the roofing. It’s not an afterthought like it can be for some other home styles. Craftsman style roofs are incredibly distinct and are what some people think of when they think of a roof. Craftsman style roofs have incredibly defined eaves, the protruding parts of the roof that overhang from the sides. These eaves are usually in their original design, including rafter tails and knee braces. These roofs give Craftsman homes their distinctive look – and is one of the biggest appeals for these home styles! 

One of the other distinct parts of a Craftsman home are the windows. Big, glass windows with large individual panels are common. Most of the windows will face towards the front of the house and will match up with each part of the house, like bedrooms and kitchens. Bedrooms are larger, and will have big windows on one end, cased in trim, leaving enough room to sneakily whisper to a boy outside of your window like you see in movies. These windows are a very distinctive feature of Craftsman homes and are some of the most important parts of Craftsman homes. 

Front porch coverings are a very important part of a Craftsman home, meaning more comfort and curb appeal. Covered front porches add much more functionality to a space and give you another location to make your own. Craftsman houses all have covered and elaborate front porches, making another comfortable area that will look great as you pass by! Get more out of your home with Craftsman designs.

The Craftsman color scheme isn’t consistent, however, does usually have a few similarities. Most colors fall on the more natural side of the spectrum, such as greens, browns, and darker reds, giving it a natural feel. These aren’t the homes from brights pastels or open white areas, these are soft and muted earthy colors that resemble wood and natural scenery. This gives the natural and woodsy feeling to these homes, making them perfect for the reserved home designer or buyer.

Curington Homes can help you build the Craftsman home of your dream. Our in depth, custom home process makes home building and home buying an easy and fun experience for all!