How long should I expect it to take to construct my home?

How long should I expect it to take to construct my home?

One of the biggest concerns that comes with building a custom home is the waiting game that is often associated with it. With some contractors, there is no exact due date, and when problems out of your control appear, your dream project can end up taking much longer than expected. So, the question must be asked, how long does it take to build a custom home?

For Curington Homes, the average custom home project takes about 5-6 months for the pre-construction stage involving the floor plan and architectural design, picking out all of your finishes, pricing the home, drawing and engineering construction plans, and permitting. And the actual building process for the homes takes anywhere between 9-12 months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the project. This entire process is to ensure that we get every single detail right! Our Design + Build team are the foremost experts on your home project and want to make sure that every detail is exactly to your expectations. Plus, our team guarantees that your home will be the highest quality and exceed minimum code requirements. 

If you’re worried about how long your home is going to take, fear not! Curington Homes will provide you with a full tentative schedule for your project. You’ll know exactly what is happening and when it’s happening throughout the entire project. We ensure that we can get any project done right, on time, and in your budget. If any problems arise, we’ll be able to help you take care of them and adjust our schedule accordingly. 

There’s nothing worse than having a project run longer than you anticipated. And so, Curington Homes has made sure that we can design your home and build it in a timely manner. We know you’re excited, but the wait is well worth it! Call us today to get started on your custom home project. 

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