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Why Price Per Square Foot Doesn’t Work

Let’s be honest here. There is one question as a custom home builder that isn’t quite as easy to answer: How much do you charge per square foot? Asking a builder for a simple price per square foot is the wrong way to approach it. It isn’t going to tell

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Custom Home?

Custom homes are an industry that’s incredibly unique, and as a result, most people have little to no clue about the process that goes into the creation of a custom home. So, it’s not uncommon for people to ask the question: how much does it cost to build a custom

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What Is A Country Style Home?

There are a lot of different styles of homes, and to the untrained eye, many styles can seem to be the same. However, there’s one style that we’ve all encountered but may not be able to put a name to the design–country style homes! What exactly makes a home “country

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What Are Allowances?

The idea of producing a custom home is a foreign one to most people. The real estate market is an already complex animal to deal with, and adding the customization factors of building a home can make it feel more difficult. That’s why, when determining the budget of a custom

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