Style of Home: Florida

With Florida being one of the most popular relocation destinations in the world, it’s no doubt that Florida homes are incredibly appealing. So, Florida has earned itself a reputation for outstanding home styles, leading to our own namesake home style! But, what exactly is appealing about a Florida style home? Well, home owners all across the state have fallen in love with this sea-based and outdoor centric design!

The first thing you notice when you walk into a Florida style home is the high ceiling design. And when I say high, I mean high! High ceilings are the most important part of a Florida style home. These give the space an open and airy feeling, perfect for those hot days where you need somewhere nice and open to cool down. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy those hot Florida summers.

However, that open space would be nothing without light, and Florida style homes help you take advantage of the natural surroundings of Florida and our biggest commodity: the Sun! Natural lighting is everything, and scenic views of beaches, lakes, or even just beautiful local fauna highlight big windows and screen glass doors!

But where do those screen glass doors go? To an outdoor patio area, of course! Florida homes would be nothing without the perfect outdoor hangout space. With (almost) year round outdoor living, it’s a waste to not have a place to spend time outside in a Florida style home. Covered porches, usually on the backside of the house, open to yards and open spaces perfect for BBQs and hangouts. Whether screened in or open, these areas are the new perfect place for hosting in your Florida home!

In terms of actual design, Florida homes do vary. Color schemes tend to run on the blue spectrum, but can really be made your own! Some Florida homes move to more classic colors like beige and dark red to really capture the history of Florida and its Spanish influences. For actual design, tile roofs or panel roofs are custom, and varying heights of buildings are common.